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All Seeing Eye

Written by: Charles F. Frantz, 32

I’d rather see a Mason

Than hear one any day.

I’d rather one would walk with me

Than merely show the way.

The eye’s a better pupil

And more willing than the ear.

Fine counsel is confusing

But example’s always clear.

How you walk and act the square

Is all that people see.

And the plumbline you put forth

Is viewed by all you meet.

So if your plumb and square be true,

The center of your circle will be true.

And the best of all the Masons

Are the men who live their creed.

For to see the good in action

Is what everybody needs.

I’d rather learn how to do it

If you’ll let me see it done.

I can watch your hands in action

But your tongue too fast may run.

And the charges you deliver

  May be very wise and true.

But I’d rather get my lessons

observing what you do.

For I may misunderstand you

And the high advice you give.

But there’s no misunderstanding

How you act and how you live.